20th Bakula Rinpoche

1-44790-14_PX3_KB1The Arahat Bakula is one among the first sixteen disciple of Lord Buddha( Nastan Chutuk).He is an emanation of the Buddha Amitabha.

There are two different explanations for his name.

•According to the Tibeten chronicles he was found of doing meditation and praying and was very simple. After renouncing all worldly comforts he used Pakula grass in his everyday life, especially as a sitting and sleeping mat.

*The Manorathapurani and the Pali version of Milindapanha maintain him as being born at Kaushambi in a ministers family and then having been swallowed by a fish in the Yamuna river that was later caught by an angler. The angler sold it to another ministers wife, upon cutting pen, the child was found unharmed and alive. The ministers wife adopted him, however a dispute with his natural parents, about who should take care of him was resolved by the king, who judged that both should have custody of him, Thus, he became to be known as Dva Kula (two families).
He was considerably older than the Buddha when he was ordained and attained ahatship at an advanced age. The Buddha said he had attained Arahatship by the power of strong faith. He became a monk at sixty years of age. He holds a mongoose in his hands which always produces (vomits) gems miraculously from its mouth, in his left hand, a symbol of the Arahat’s desire to relieve the poverty of the world. Living in the Northern Lands of the Sound of Prophecy, he is surrounded by 900 Arahats.

*The present (20th) reincarnation of Arahat Bakula is Stanzin Nawang Jigmet Wangchuk,he was born on 23rd jan 2005 in Kyagar village of Nubra(Ladakh) to Yab(father) Dorjey Tsering and Yum(mother) Sonam Dolkar.From among several childrens he was conformed as the true reincarnation of the 19th Bakula rinpochey by H.H.the 14th Dalia Lama.

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